Makeshift Marketing Is Holding You Back (Here’s What You Should Do)

by Michael Winter

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As anyone who knows me will testify, I place significant emphasis on content creation where digital marketing is concerned.

The saying “Content is King” is almost as old as the internet itself, and it’s stood the test of time for good reason.

But what good is it taking the blood, sweat and tears to produce excellent content for myself and my clients if no bugger reads it? Or, for that matter, it they’re not even aware exists!

Side note: I cannot, with a pure heart, claim to ever having actually shed blood at the keyboard, but papercuts in the vicinity surely include, right?

Anyway, the publish and pray approach is not one that yields good rewards, so it’s no surprise that one of my biggest pain points — and one that is common in our line of work — is the promotion of the content we spend so much time creating.

I’ve gone down the messy, manual route in the past, relying on an awkward combination of Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, downloaded calendar templates, social schedule software and even writing on a piece of paper like a caveman.

When I decided to add CoSchedule to my workflow however, I literally reduced that exhaustive list to one tool.

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I now don’t need to note my ideas in a spreadsheet, make drafts in Word, download calendar templates or use a separate social schedule tool (which, apart from being another thing to manage, was a part of the process that cost money but didn’t handle everything I needed it to).

As for the pens and paper… bah, such lethal paraphernalia shouldn’t be allowed in the first place; be gone!

If you’re not sure what CoSchedule is exactly, this handy video will get you up to speed:

For those of you lazy-bones who don’t fancy sitting through a mere 5-minute video, I’ll hand over to CoSchedule themselves to describe exactly what it is that they do…

“CoSchedule is industry-leading marketing calendar software that brings all your content, social, email, and marketing project management tools together on one unified platform. It’s mission control for your marketing team, making it easy to plan and execute your entire marketing strategy.”

Pretty neat, huh? I particularly like the “mission control for your marketing team” bit and am slightly annoyed that I didn’t think of such fantastic wordsmithing myself.

Right, now we’re on the same page, I’m sure you see what I’m getting at.

The single biggest advantage of CoSchedule for me is the content calendar view. It is without exaggeration whatsoever when I say I use it every single day (yes, I am a works-on-Sundays loser).

CoSchedule Calendar

In one fantastically designed screen, I can see the projects I’ve got lined-up, articles published (or due to be so) and the concurrent social media campaigns I’ve scheduled for them. And CoSchedule’s Google Chrome extension allows me to curate content from within the articles I’m reading online.

But, with all that being said, I am a mere human. And, it’s a stronger man than I who can resist temptation to check the Top Messages analytics tool to see which posts are outperforming the others.

A lot of my day-to-day tasks look something like this:

  • Formulate content ideas
  • Share them with client for feedback
  • Create content based on what we’ve agreed
  • Submit to client for review
  • Publish to WordPress upon approval
  • Email new content to email list
  • Schedule social media campaign to share our content on multiple channels
  • Meanwhile, curate content on days when our own content isn’t being promoted

Basically, if you do any of the above,
CoSchedule is something you should be looking into because it covers absolutely all of that in one quite beautiful interface, and a bit more besides, too.

So, what do you think about adopting a marketing platform that helps you move away from the frustrations and haphazardness of makeshift marketing?

I’ve seen a noticeable difference in our productivity and quality of output since we incorporated it.

My mind was made up before the Free Trial was even over!

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